About TechPro

TechPro is a wholesale dealer and distributor of mobile phone parts and accessories. The company has built up a trustworthy position in the UK market providing high quality products and services.

The Problem

Even though they had a great lineup of products, techpro couldn’t get the leads they deserved. Basically, the company did not have a significant online presence and that was affecting their sales. So we were tasked to improve the website in terms of design, development and SEO by using a multi dimensional and proactive strategy.

Key Challenges

  • Building a website that matches the brand guidelines.
  • Designing and developing a customer oriented website that works efficiently on all devices.
  • Integrating best SEO practices to increase online appearance of the website.

Web Designing and Development

The company needed an Ecommerce website to sell mobile phone parts and accessories. Sitedirect helped them to make a user centric website and integrated with cost effective shipping options.


  • Creating a website that is engaging and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Making a highly searchable and easy to use product catalogue.
  • Develop a socially focussed and SEO friendly blog to improve user engagement.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution by shopify for cart functionality.


TechPro was looking to increase its ecommerce presence and make its products more accessible within the UK. We worked with Techpro to create a website that gives customers the best experience so that they can easily browse and purchase any of Techpro products.

We designed user-friendly web pages that highlighted their expertise in the industry. We also provided them with an area to add informational blogs. Together we crafted a website that is highly visual and welcoming for visitors.

Style Concepts

Techpro had a strong vision for their custom ecommerce website. Our aim was to design a website that represents all the brand values and provide their customers user centric experience. We wanted to design a fully responsive website that would in turn help TechPro to get more conversions. During this process we created a brand logo and used the best fonts and images to give the website an appealing look.

Bringing In Together

We used shopify capabilities to build a fully functional online storefront to sell mobile phone parts and accessories. Our developers integrate a login protected user area andGoogle maps in the website. Our web design and development team created a fully integrated website for TechPro that allows their customers to easily explore all the products.

After all the research, design and development we created a website that is fully responsive on all devices and can help TechPro to grow with. Our services helped them to position themselves as an upcoming competitor in the mobile phone parts and accessories market.


SEO Audit

SEO audit is the first step when working with a new client. We did an SEO Audit of TechPro that involves competitor analysis to understand the position of Techpro in the marketplace. In SEO audit we focused on all the structural and content components that can affect the online visibility and ranking of the website.


On the basis of an SEO audit we made a strategy to increase online traffic of TechPro.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Increase Keyword ranking
  • Reduce Spam Score
  • Create quality backlinks
  • Increase Organic visibility

Our Approach


The first step of search engine optimization strategy was to understand the ins and out of your client’s business and their competitors. Keyword research or gap analysis was done to find the keywords that are ranking your competitors but are not being used to rank you in the competition. This research helped us to understand the competition in mobile phone parts and accessories online wholesale market. We developed strategies that can work best for TechPro.

Keyword Strategy

Our team developed a keyword strategy based on initial research and competitor analysis.

We selected Keywords on the basis of following factors:

  • We investigated and analysed the monthly search volume of keywords related to products of TechPro. We dig deeper and use the latest tools to find which keyword phrases are customers using to search for mobile phone parts and accessories.
  • The second factor that we considered was competition and speed at which we can achieve the highest rank in search engines.

We collaborated with our client to select priority keywords and rapidly increase in traffic. E-commerce websites are different from other sites that need less content. We helped Techpro by providing keywords that can be used to generate quality content.

On Page SEO Strategy

Our on page SEO strategy for TechPro was based on following things:
  • Developed in-content URLs by using different anchor texts
  • Image Optimisation
  • Added Meta titles and tags
  • Added keywords focused Blogs
  • Product description to rank keywords
Our main focus was on developing quality content that include target keywords relevant to the products of TechPro.

Off Page SEO Strategy

Off Page SEO is an important part of our SEO strategy. Our team used best SEO practices to build high quality backlinks for TechPro. It helped the website to rank rapidly in the search results of Google.

Making Progress

With the help of long-form blogs and strong back linking, Techpro began to increase ranking.
⦁ The products related keywords ranked in Google search results.
⦁ The spam score of the website was reduced from 23 to 5.
⦁ The organic traffic of the website started getting increased.
⦁ The organic traffic of the website started getting increased.
The SEO strategy applied by Sitedirect helped TechPro to not only increase traffic but also potential customers that are willing to buy products.